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The No Border Camp of Ventimiglia started on the 11th of June, when a group of migrant moved on the rocks in order to resist the police eviction, identification and continue to struggle for their freedom.

From that day solidarity networks from different territories have been working to build a permanent laboratory of resistance to repressive politics we see in action on borders.

From Lampedusa to Calais passing through Ventimiglia, migrant people in their everyday life are not free to move around Europe in search of a life better than a mere survival.

The No Border Camp host different collectives and individuals coming from different backgrounds, having in common the desire to oppose the discriminatory logic of power and to fight for their freedom of movement, not only for migrants but for all those people that are suffering from the restrictions of freedom.


No Border Camp - Ventimiglia


released November 25, 2015

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The Dark Skies Above Us Collective Athens, Greece

Antifascist and anarchist bands&distros& humans collective.



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Track Name: Cancer Spreading - Ghastly Visions

Abysmal darkness
where one thousand eyes dwell
They’re staring at me
In unsettling silence

I am haunted

Hideous creatures
Lie inside human shells
I can see
behind your dreadful smiles

I am haunted

The depths of madness…
I shall explore

Ghastly visions
They crawl inside…

Ghastly visions
…In the dead of night.

Buried alive
under a pile of corpses
Forgotten below
No one will ever know…

I am haunted

The depths of madness…
I shall explore.
Track Name: Spermafrost - Sogginess, Leches, Workless
Parked on sand : an eternal place
under the rain and in space...
We followed the cow stench evermore
to find this stuff : rotten to the core

We are ready to become immortal
covered by blue : I've be waiting the call
The call of deepest trench of the seven seas
down to the Mariannas : with four buckets!

Cirles with arms, talking to turtles
kissing the devil thousgh a world of sogginess
colored shark - falling out space
smashing the reality : mind attack!

We are ready to scream all night long
I'm turning blue like her tongue
Infernal calling of my thirsty guts
I don't give a fuck : my mind is a slut!
Track Name: Uhrit - Tyranni
Tyranni - Tyrant
the bloody hands of the emperor grip the scepter
lives crushed by caterpillar tracks
people stirred up by fear and lies
he's writing down his name with blood
in the books of history
the sin of mankind raining down from the sky
children looking for shelter
as bombs explode around them
Track Name: The Kroni - Dope War
Straight lines no more.
Back where I belong.
A life between the shadows.
Agony burns my mind.
My brain is not in evolution.
Life wake my feelings.
All I want is a trip to reduce my grief.

Dope War

Lungs start to close.
Stomach, intestine, liver, dead.
A scumbag wrapped into nausea.

Dope War

Eat is a torment.
Turn off is bitter.
A putrid and anemic body.

Pain in my neurons.
if I can´t take it anymore.
(please!) Call the goat when I die.
I want my last deathgasm.

Dope War
Track Name: Deathcharge - Holocausto
pessoas no campo de extermínio
sem esperança de vida
sonhando com a própria morte
indo para os campos elísios


cães de guarda cuidam
para que seu corpo seja sepultado
crianças e mulheres
por soldados são estuprados
Track Name: Adacta - Katastrofy
Katastrofy prídu naraz
Jak lačné vlky v zime
Chcú sa kŕmiť mäsom
Stopujú tvoj strach

Nič nebude dobré

Nik sa nerodí čistý
Dedíme majetok, choroby
Nie sú múdre rady
Ani nik, kto by ich dal

Nič nebude dobré

Otrávené studne
Spálená zem
Len zmar a rozklad
Zmar a smrť a rozklad


Disasters will all come at once and crawl
Like hungry wolves when the winter darkness falls
On your flesh they want to feed
They’re tracing your fear to see you bleed

Nothing’s gonna be OK,
Nothing’s gonna be all right

Nobody is born clean and pure
We inherit wealth and diseases with no cure
There is no wise counsel for us
Nor there is anyone who would provide it, thus…

Nothing’s gonna be OK,
Nothing is gonna be all right

Poisoned wells
Scorched earth
Just defeat and decay
Defeat, death and decay
Track Name: URA - Cometiendo Errores
Así lo siento
Así lo creo
Y no quiero verlo de otra manera
No me convenzas no lo quiero entender, no entenderé
Punk es compasión
Punk es conciencia desde el corazón
No intentes convencerme
De que es diferente.
Track Name: Wilt - Flames at Down
flames at dawn

light breaks through the trees arising defiant can’t be stopped
blast forged man of steel fires sanity
rest no more single imperative no choice
now slake this need for flesh needing release raving mad
you crawl before the altar of the flame
needing release having changed from man to beast
you howl at the chaos gods human no more
you have been consumed by the flames at dawn
mornings curse morning light breaks through the trees arising defiant can't be stopped
blast forged man of steel fires sanity
rest no more single imperative no choice
now slake this need for flesh
wake demon power strong choking vicious lust boiling blood searing wild eyed
Track Name: Lust for Death - Nothing
my visions are blurred
Is it a prison, mine ?
All the vestiges and the ruins,
when I look I'm dizzy

man is the victim of mankind
before the stone of our lies
we create a conscience,
What is the reason for this torture ?

Lost in the ashes of our unconscious
the wheel stops turning
Lost in our ashes

the wheel stops turning
she has never turned
Track Name: Nazka - Piss of the system
I walk alone in the street, look at the ground people disgust me
They are all blind brainless fools following their leader unguardeadly

Piss off the system

I walk alone in the street, look at the ground people disgust me
They are all slaves of this system following the orders as fucking sheeps

Piss off the system

I walk alone in the street, look at the ground people disgust me
Im not like them - they disgust me - and I will never be
Track Name: Cloud Rat - At Peace in Hell
You like picking open sores.
While the quietness of your home gives you a sense of completion.
A life well spent, within your years.
Liberation from a body; liberation from a cage.
Never knowing, always wailing.
The bile eeks its way out.
The whispers are diminishing.
You, falling, the curtains sway with every breath you take.
The painful choices...
And you think about how it is absolutely terrifying to be alone.
But ready the stars,
The last light and now the dark,
...Of the masks you wear in this world,
I have one built called "Infinity."
Track Name: Victims of Classwar - A Heart for the Butcher
A heart for the butcher

Being a slave in a work camp
You never come out alive

Kidnapped children
Arrested dissidents
Deported to work
And killed for organ trade

A heart for the butcher
A kidney for the almighty
A liver for the ruler
A knife for the slaughterer

No-one cares
Where the fresh heart came from
Just in time
For the leader's body

Chopped off
Your head
Your eyes
Cut off
To someone else
Your head
Chopped off

No-one will ever know
What happened to them
Or what happened to that child
In the work camp of death

Chopped off
Your head
Cut up
Your organs
For organ trade

No-one will ever know
What happened to you
In the work camp of death

A heart for the butcher
A liver for the almighty
A kidney for the ruler
A knife for the abuser

Thanks a lot for organising this and letting us participate!

Keep it up!
Track Name: Barque - The Necromancer
As darkness shifts, this shadow raises
out, out of its grave
nourishing itself, devouring flesh
crushing its head in a pitch black cave.
Tear out, tear out that still beating heart.
Crushing that darkened heart;
Throw yourself into this pit.
Vipers crawled, hissing but stingless,
nothing's left, nothing's left here for me.
Praising destruction,
this plague upon us all, our fate is coming.
Darkness has no need of this poisonous leech.
The waves are dead.
This plague's upon us all.
Upon us all.
Track Name: Disclone - Shattered Life
endless suffering
caged, oppresses and sentenced to die
guilty of being a part of a construct based on speciesm

torture till the end of time
this world is going to end

falling prey to human silenece
millions of victims every day

torture till the end of time
there is no time left
Track Name: Amara - Endless Bullshit
Dismal visions of your loss
Horrible to stay Content
Claim yourself to your christ
Burn your wisdom of this world

Now the vultures will collect, for we are nothing to them

Become victim of their ways
Of their lies you consume
buried victims of their gods
buried victims in their debts

Now the vultures will collect, for we are nothing to them

Doom are thee......
Track Name: La Floraison de la Fin Onirique - Capitano
La passione si spense nei suoi occhi
Al naufragar di ricordi al sapor di salsedine
Quando l' anima si seppe congiungere al suo più puro piacere

Nessuno poté deviare la rotta del suo cuore
Che come capitano scelse il meglio per i suoi capillari come marinai
Sgorgante sangue, perso nella veemenza della tempesta

I suoi occhi come fari
Per scortarmi nel calore delle sue coperte
Vidi per la prima volta un' ancora

Seppe cullarmi tra la spuma marina
Donò l'anima perlacea al suo corsaro
Che non poté mai ricambiare in oro ciò che lei diede in sentimento

Solo scogli incontrò
Le costellazioni non seppero più darle la via
Capitano, per amor tuo lasciasti affondare il tuo vascello

Il corsaro abbatté l' albero maestro, e pianse
Track Name: Catholic youth - Pro life sucks
my body, my mind!
pro-life sucks, pro-life sucks,
my utero, my rights!
pro-life sucks, pro-life sucks,
can you understand my abortion?!
pro-life sucks, pro-life sucks,
this is about my options!!
pro-life sucks, pro-life sucks.
Track Name: Artigo dz9? - Sobre a guerra
Sobre a guerra
a vitória de quem apodrece por último
e os dois adversários apodrecem juntos no mesmo universo.

Em tempo real vemos o primitivo que prevalece
em meio a sua avançada tecnologia.

Quanto vazio
Achar que tirar vidas para tomar o espaço
é uma conquista do progresso.
Track Name: Exilent - If Rights Exists on Papers Only
Human beings become problems?
Human rights become cynical!
Your so called strategies are pissing me off!

Suffocating in motor-lorries - Cargo bays and containers
Drowning while trying - to cross border rivers
Unseaworthy vessels - absence of qualified skippers
Being taken into custody - under degrading conditions
A lack of medical care - racist infringements by civil servants
Letting people suffer - from torture and violence

Wild West Europe doesn't care about lives – Human rights
Wild West Europe doesn't care about human rights

Tightening control - (increasing the pressure) through criminal proceedings
Refusing the right of asylum - while pleople are weeping
Abdicating yourself - from your human rights responsibility
Interception - the base of your diplomacy

Is this your answer to global injustice?

Sive, Navtex, Eurosur - technologies are given
Instead of saving people's lifes - you're diskussing 'bout spheres of jurisdiction
Your statements full of lies - "brand people unworthy"
Wrote-off lives - dont tell me 'bout equality
You're smirking marionettes - in front of a humanitarian desaster
(Is this your credibility?) - don't tell me 'bout equality

Is this your answer to global injustice?

If rights exist on paper only - Papers are ridiculous
If rights exist on paper only - Papers are ridiculous
If rights exist on paper only - Papers are ridiculous / don't tell me 'bout equality
If rights exist on paper only - Papers are ridiculous / don't tell me 'bout equality

Papers are ridiculous!
Track Name: Pigpride - Stigma

csontsovanyan vartam
a joleti balkan irgalmat
de csak pengekeritest
es gyuloletet hagytak ram

tetovan szallo turulmadar
verszemet kapott az arcom lattan
azt hiszi en is satrat akarok
verni a szemetdombjan

a gyermekem hoztam, nem allahot
a naci rezsim meg sem hallgatott
menedekkerok homlokan stigma all:



i waited wasted
for the welfare balkan's mercy
but only bladefences and hatred
left for me

a hesitantly flying turul-bird*
turned red while seeing my face
it thinks that i want to build home
on its junkyard

i took my child, not allah
the nazi regime didnt believe a word i said
on the forehead of the refugees
there is a stigma, it sais: ILLEGAL
Track Name: Ruptura - Exílio
Eis uma infame criatura chamada sociedade industrial capitalista
Inimiga do planeta segue repugnante a criatura do Estado
Alterando, acinzentando, esfacelando a face da terra
Defecando prisões de concreto para suas pulgas.

Assim anda a Humanidade
No vazio, no nada
Estagnada em uma civilização ridícula
Se afundando em meio ao consumismo
Desfazendo tudo em concreto
Convertendo a natureza em lixo.

Ovelhas organizadas
Para serem exploradas
Elegem seus pastores
Para então devorá-las

E seguem rindo ao abate!
E seguem rindo ao abate!
E seguem rindo ao abate!
E seguem rindo ao abate!
Track Name: Aurea - VII
Grietas se dibujan en el espacio
sostenido, contenido, absuelto.
Caminos vacíos, inertes, errantes
triunfos vencidos por nadie.

Carnadas moribundas
Generación espontánea
esfuman, sudan, respiran
y florecen de espuma y respiro.

Devorando horizontes infinitos
la mirada apagada redime la gloria
Opuesta a la virtud de todo.
Sirvientes de ningún amo.

sin egos, sin gloria.
Track Name: Angoracoid - Satanico Pandemonium

Track Name: Hieros Gamos - Diaz (blood flows)
Screams in the night, raid
Mexican butcher
Young dormants
With their dreams and ideals
Slaughtered in his sleep
Blood calls blood
Hate calls hate
The ferocity makes men beasts
Justifying their actions
They found a molotov
What theater!
Everything has written
Each has its own role
Blood flows
Blood calls blood
Hate calls hate
Free violence!

Free Violence!
What a beautiful game to your eyes
See all broken heads
Will be in your nightmares
Diaz in the heart
Diaz in history
Diaz in the fight
Fascist barbarism aggression!
Screams in the night, raid
Mexican butcher
Young dormants
With their dreams and ideals
The fight does not stop
It will be even tougher
Time passes
But the wounds are still open
Still open!
Track Name: Segregated - Provided Lies
They feed themselves with our believes, with our lives even our breath
Pirates of humanity, rats at the ceiling of society
We're the victims of the power, like the piss of a dog on a flower
Thieves of the future, our corpses have found their own vultures.
Working and sweating for paying our graves
It's turning the people into damned slaves
Life is useless compared to money
Feelings are already buried
Mission is submission, an addiction to shut
The virus is burning off within your guts
From birth even to death
Sinking in depths
Promoted fairies, Providing miseries
Greetings and wishes shared at theT.V
Abusing people is reality
The earth is victim of mankind
Being blind for calming your mind
All over the world, this needs to be shout loud
Seems like a moral lesson has to be taught
Few sentences for achievement
Of mind and reason
Promoted fairies, Providing miseries.
Track Name: Zerum - 0100

Original russian lyrics:
как часто ты честен перед самим собой
ставя цели своего бытия?
стремишься ли достич когда они там за горой
или довольствуешься тем, что есть вокруг тебя?
насколько ты готов придерживать амбиции
отступить, отказаться от своих идей?
насколько ты готов перечёркивать традиции
стереть и забыть згусток выгодных для себя позиций?
способен ли ты ответить на вопрос:
ради чего ты каждое утро встаёшь?
способен ли ты збросить всё чем оброс
посмотреть по-другому на то - куда идёшь?

English translation:
how often are you honest to yourself
setting goals of your existence?
do you try to reach them when they are there, behind the mountain
or are you complacent with what surrounds you?
how much are you able to hold onto your ambitions
retreat, give up your ideas?
are you ready to cross out the traditions
erase and forget comfortable for you positions?
can you answer the question:
what do you wake up for every morning?
can you shed off everything that you have
to look differently on the path you're on?
Track Name: Hellskum - No Solution
extinction deforestation
ignorant to the climate changing
total death is what we're facing
annihilation of all nations

more pollution
no solution
more confusion
another illusion

mutating in toxic waste
leaving the landscape desolate and defaced
each day it just gets worse
we're next in the hearse

more pollution
no solution
more confusion
another illusion
Track Name: Bombardeo - Soldado Lanzallamas
"Soldado lanzallamas"

El lanzallamas incendia las casas y los humanos
no tiene conciencia, ni remordimiento,
tan solo obedece sin un cuestionamiento!

Y utiliza el fuego como arma mortal!
El elemento no tiene piedad!

Los vietnamitas sufrieron las desgracias de la guerra
las desgracias de la guerra, las desgracias de la guerra!

Y utiliza el fuego como arma mortal!
El elemento no tiene piedad!
Track Name: Peste - the way to freedom
The way to freedom
Is so long that seems so far
Smash all illusions
Ofthis life full of lies

The day will coming
That we'll rediscover
To be humans
Without chains

Will be a struggle
With our blinded minds
Look at your idols

The botton of self-distruction is near you fingers x2
You brush it every day, indefferece increases x2

Take back the present, take back it now x2
'Cause every thing won't count anymore x2
Track Name: Auralskit - Peace is Lies
War will never end/ We're hopeless to stop it/
Corrupt leaders/ In someone's pockets//
/This is the end - end of mankind
/War is truth, Peace is a lie
Track Name: Nesseria - Ceux Qui Restent
depuis toujours, le germe grandissait comme un cancer. L’institution psychiatrique, toutes les marques restées. Les causes et leurs conséquences, menées à terme. Et il a oublié qui il était. Il s’est trouvé un dieu, mais son ciel est resté vide. Il s’est fait un nom, jamais une autre vie. Il a suivi d’autres veines et ouvert sa porte aux traîtres, qui se sont chargés du reste. Eux n’ont jamais su qui il était. Il a perdu le sens et la surface, dans son enfer domestique où tout s’effondrait au ralenti. Jusqu’à ce qu’on le couvre enfin de terre et de regrets tardifs
Track Name: Đornata - Land Of The Dead

The work of modern man
Pollution, deprivation
Weapons of mass destruction
Creating new war zones
The world is turning into the land of the dead

Ref: Land of the dead

We always celebrate death
But do we want to see the end?
We should celebrate life
The strenght of humankind to survive

Ref: Land of the dead