Resistance: ANTI​-​NSBM Volume 3

by The Dark Skies Above Us Collective

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100% of the proceeds of this compilation will go toward to help parents and classmates of the 43 (Normalista students who disappeared on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico) going to United States.

The main aim is to provide an international forum for the parents who have lost their children in a government of systemic violence and impunity. Another important goal of the caravana is to shed light on US foreign policy, specifically the Merida Initiative and its connection to socioeconomic conditions and violence in Mexico.

On September 26, 2014 a group of students was attacked by the police and other people in the city of Iguala, leaving six dead, 25 or more wounded, and 43 disappeared. While there have been several official and other unofficial investigations as of this date (January 2015) we have no clear idea of what happened to the students. We don’t know who killed, wounded, or kidnapped them, nor do we have a clear motive.

Thanks to Modesto Continente for the art.


released August 24, 2015



all rights reserved


The Dark Skies Above Us Collective Athens, Greece

Antifascist and anarchist bands&distros& humans collective.



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Track Name: Antlers - To The Throats
I dreamed of thousands of bodies raining,
falling like bombs straight to their graves.
Manna coming from heaven just to feed grief.

Fields covered with the glorious corpses
of all the believers broken under the wheels,
Meat for the dogs and compost to the soil.

Nothing else

No valhallas, no glory,
no god was here to see
how the young blood
is the one best bleeds

Th' Angel of Fate turns them with mighty hands,
And casts them out upon the darken'd earth!
´till all the graves are digged
and the deserts are painted in red
And rise, with ghosts, over the well-fought field.

So be it.

More!, more!, never enough!
and the leftovers pile up in massgraves..
Bodies rotting, life sprouting.
Stems crawling silent
to the throats of the murderers.

as the young blood is the one best bleeds
(how the young blood is the one which best bleeds)

and how when mankind lie down with hatred
the earth awakes with hunger.
(when mankind awake with hatred
the earth satisfies its hunger)

you will find the honour
running down the pants of a soldier
holding his own guts
while cries for his mother

The air breaks the bones
moulding grotesque lifeforms.
The air shattered their bones as dry branches
(moulding grotesque lifeforms, mere wrecks)
to feed the open mouths scattered
over the surface of the earth.

I look into one of them
swallowed by

Cuando los hombres se acuestan con odio
la tierra amanece con hambre.

I ran through the trenches to see my own face again and again
I ran for shelter into one of the pits
And in the mass of flesh, tendons and
there i recognized my own face.

I awoke in cold sweat
to see dripping the open wound
the sky bleeding
Track Name: Ancient Emblem - Ancient Emblem
Forgotten and ancient emblems wich show us days of yore, when the connexion with everything surrounding us was still alive. When life was still sacred. When we were not accepting the denial of our nature.
Track Name: Årsta - Fall Of Iriy
Born from the ground
A race of butchers
Witnessed the fall of man

Blood soaked grounds
They bathe in our tears

The trees scream their names
The winds call upon them
For you are gods who dwell

Cut off their heads!

The Bleeding Ones:
Grounds take us in, we have lost our way
Ground take us in, we can not remain
Track Name: Marginal - More Violence
Your fucked up entertainment, coming from the screen
They let them fuck and kill for you

Perverted wanker, what's your next show
What's tomorrow's news

They molest your child, while they make you feel unsafe
They play with your mind, they feed your misery!

You gotta give more violencFor them to understand
You gotta give more violence
For them to understand

Let me tell you one more time

Your fucked up entertainment, coming from the screen
They let them fuck and kill, fuck and kill for you
Track Name: Neverchrist - Acao, Reacao, Renegacao
Polнticos corruptos com sede de poder
Escбrnio sagrado jogando com a lei
O papa e seus abades destruindo a sua mente
O povo oprimido e tornado em demente

Feudos modernos nomeados como empresas
Gastando tua energia e esvaziando vossas mesas
O povo iludido й acostumado а misйria
E aplaudem ansiosos a falsas estatнsticas

O sistema manipula com a lobotomia
A mнdia o destrуi com pensamentos coletivos
Afastando o ser de sua individualidade
Destruindo o mundo pela falsa moralidade

Dizem que todos tкm direito а educaзгo
Mas nas escolas a verdade й escondida
Impondo а cultura sua ganancia religiosa
Te jogando num abismo e destruindo sua vida

Nego sua igreja, nego suas leis
Nego suas mentiras, nego a autoridade,
Eu aniquilo a sua propriedade,
Fazendo-o escravo de sua prуpria opressгo

Sempre nos disseram que a vida й assim mesmo
Que nunca podemos ter o que queremos
Que nгo temos direito de pensar e de opinar
Que devemos sу obedecer e se curvar

Sempre nos falaram sobre a tal democracia
Que ela representaria a igualdade
Enganaram o povo sobre sua veracidade
Pois sua histуria revela a segregaзгo

Nego sua igreja, nego suas leis
Nego suas mentiras, nego a autoridade,
Eu aniquilo a sua propriedade,
Fazendo-o escravo de sua prуpria opressгo

Nego sua igreja, nego suas leis
Nego suas mentiras, nego a autoridade,
Eu aniquilo a sua propriedade,
Fazendo-o escravo de sua prуpria opressгo


Corrupted politicians with thirst of power
Holy scorn playing beside the laws
The pope and his abbots are destroying your minds
The opressed people turned into deranged

Modern feuds named as companies
Spending your energy and emptying your tables
The deluded people are accustomed to misery
And applaud eager to false statistics

The system handles with lobotomy
The media destroys with collective thoughts
Being away from their individuality
Destroying the world by the false morality

They say that everyone is entitled to education
But at the schools the truth is hidden
Imposing their religious culture greed
Throw you into an abyss and destroy your life

I deny their churches, deny their laws
Deny their lies, deny their authority
I frustrate their property
Making them slaves of their own oppression

They always said that life is like that
We can never have what he want
That we don't have the right to think and opine
That we must only to obey and bow

Always told us of such democracy
It would represent equality
Deceived the people about their veracity
Because its history reveals the segregation

I deny their churches, deny their laws
Deny their lies, deny their authority
I frustrate their property
Making them slaves of their own oppression

I deny their churches, deny their laws
Deny their lies, deny their authority
I frustrate their property
Making them slaves of their own oppression
Track Name: Repressione - Distintivo
Proclamata autorità -
di una costante emergenzialità
Il vostro distintivo è garanzia
di un feroce stato di polizia
Fotti lo sbirro
Nique la police
Fuck that pig
Squadra volante a guardia della legge
Siete dei cani e ci vorreste gregge?
Quanto più ordine ci imporrete
Tanto più caos raccoglierete!!
Fotti lo sbirro
Nique la police
Fuck that pig

Pennivendoli, ministri, magistrati...
invocano la vostra presenza nelle strade
benedicono i vostri dannati colpi:
Bisogna dirlo chiaramente
l'emergenza è una costante della democrazia
è frutto di un inganno:
repressione totale del dissenso, e toghe per benvestire il tiranno.
Track Name: Nuit Noire - My Pretty Lunar Blade
The moon is beautiful
And I believe in you
My will to enter you
Is strong as lunar steel

My sword shines tonight
She stands towards the stars
She's attracted by their light
And even holds my hand up

My pretty lunar blade
Is going off my hand
She's soaring in the sky
See her later in the night
Track Name: Iprit - Последний поезд
мы оставлены здесь умирать под ногами серийных убийц
обещавших оставить в живых всех, кто смог не боясь прыгнуть вниз
они ставят друг другу капканы, не дают убежать от судьбы
не дают уйти из игры
и мы смотрим на них снизу вверх без надежды и страха в глазах
невозможно найти компромисс
слишком скуден словарный запас
но мы все еще можем стоять и смотреть своей смерти в глаза
не заботясь о шансах, рисковать всем, не боясь остаться ни с чем

но я боролся, кричал и карабкался вверх
задыхаясь от боли, притворяясь храбрецом
и старался как мог не упасть в грязь лицом
осознав, что вся жизнь была миражом
и все было зря, все псу под хвост
наш последний поезд сошел под откос
летевшие к свету сгорели до тла
здесь каждый по своему сходит с ума

жаль мы больше не сможем скрывать наши лица под масками злых
безразличных и гордых людей, разорвавших все виды оков
тех, кто смог убежать от себя, притворившись голодным зверьем
тех, кто стер свои ноги в кровь, не заметив таких мелочей
онемевших, пытаясь сказать, то, что должен хоть кто-то узнать
ведь единственный шанс из ста - это все, что осталось у нас
Track Name: Ancst - Spark
all you know is obedience, a life in vain, cryptic existence. all alone in this urban nightmare, all you want is to be extinct.
and as you raise your hands to the sky, no one there to hear you scream. as you wish, as you beg for something more than this,
not a spark left in you. urban desolation, a realm of fallen skies. compromised entity, we are already dead.
fast paced, an impersonal environment, reigned by the vultures of greed. all you know is living by your code of lies,
hazardous impurity. too long you have been incarnated, drugged and broken. too long you have been a part of this,
denial of life. the time has come, this crisis ends tonight, so sick of being you. there has to be more than this,
concrete barren walls.
Track Name: Alda - In The Wake Of An Iron Wind
The firmament tears, transmuting terror into rage
Overcome and cast aside... this body of shorn limbs
And torn veins...

Gazing into the well of memory
We saw mountains in our bones
And rivers in out blood
From the forest to our flesh, a mirror
Of granite, cedar, and fir

Rekindling ancestral fire we struggle to our feet
With wounds open in our hearts
And a furnace in our minds
And we are as we once were
Though buried by these times
Bereaved, and seeking shelter
In the wake of an iron wind.
Track Name: Abismus - Black Chant
My Death comes,
As I embrace myself in darkness,
A black tear of pain falls down,
as my corpse rotten into the ground,
Under a fog of despair and sadness.

I embrace myself in darkness!

The Black chant of the trees,
Casted a Spell on me,
To be haunted and dragged,
By the river of deceive.

I embrace myself in darkness!
Track Name: Wildspeaker - Power Lines
Power lines suffocate the city horizon
The sun asphyxiates before it even arises

Habitats abiding to scum human reigns
Man's shadow dominates the plains

Long mechanical fingers grasp at the plains
Stirring, disturbing the nests

Seeds of pestilence will not forgive
Their bending branches refuse to break
They will grow into Resilience

Swines' blood drains into city streams
Drown the dirty animals into deserving disease
Track Name: Vow Of Thorns - Forest Dweller
There I saw them - the last flight of the last flock.
Wings upon the wind - each beat a breath to waste.
The fire through wind.
Since I've seen them - when a hundred silent wings
Left holes in the crying clouds amid sky's commotion.
The fire, it fades.
Track Name: Morbid Blood - I Still Have Faith
I still have Faith

Alone i suffered
under a black Sky
Alone i suffered
and ask the Sky

The Flames of Suffering
among dark Skies
Sodom and Gomora
don’t ask me why

In all this Silence
Storm has gone by
all this black Clouds
the Filled the Sky

Cleaner of the Light
i am not bound
i am no slave
I still have Faith
Track Name: Leper - Wild And Free
Our primitive skills are wasting away
because without use, these instincts
We need to relearn these survival ways
and rid our dependence on

We're all animals, not Machines.
We are wild.

needed to survive
grows, lives or is located close by.
Medicines and food
from plants and animals.
Render fat for candles and tan hides for clothes.
the past, one cannot return,
but we can carry that knowledge into the
Scavenge in cities or in the wild.
What they call trash we will

We're all animals, not Machines.
We are wild and free.

the power dies, the lights will fade,
the stars will shine and we'll be

Sustainably living comfortably
in the woods where we are truly
Devising plans to defend the land
in the shelter we made with our own

We're all animals, not Machines.
We are wild and free.

When the
power dies,
the lights will fade,
the stars will shine
and we'll all be

Detached from the land.
Their ultimate plan
to keep us
We're wild free and defiant.
Track Name: Disterror - Gilgamesh
Visions and dreams of immortality
looking for a place among gods
challenging your own existence
by taking away your humanity
Death, transcendence beyond the flesh
Life, endelessly seeking the truth
Blood, spills over the land
Blinded, by desire and ambition
Beyond the false monolith
the wind whispers the truth
the life you are looking for
you will never find
Track Name: Thränenkind - This Story Of Permanence
For a hundred years I laid my head on ship wrecks.
I promise every breath I made was filled with embers, filled with bone dust.
In the radiant reflection of my eyes water lilies turned into dead flesh.
I had no future, for only today would ever give me shelter.

Did you ever notice what you did to me?
I now watch the sky in love with its stars that'll be with me forever.
I now embrace my tomorrow, for there is nothing left to fear.
I'm now laying my head on your heart made out of cedar wood,
telling me this story of permanence.
Track Name: Fortress Black - Dead Heart
my world, oh my world is fucked
darkness is deepening every day
Frustration and anger in mind
dead heart, dead heart is reality
love, joy and happieness
got lost in a world of pain
the sense of my life is fucked
Dead Hearts surrender, can’ t cry
I’ ll cannot get over it
This cancer is deep inside
I will remain unchanged
My hopes and dreams are broken now
I have to walk alone
walk alone in that dark
loosing the sense for the good
Dead Hearts surrender, can’ t cry
Track Name: Profecium - Esteros De Sangre
Se me acaba el aire, nadie escucha el clamor de la muerte,
ella arrastra sus cadenas y encandila el sonido con su aliento,
sabe que nos va a vencer, que hemos sido una raza idiota
que no se deshizo de los tiranos y pereció en sus guerras y
los cambios climáticos, siempre supo del tiempo que nos daba,
y la rápida traición de los que se vendieron y nos entregaron.

La muerte está feliz y tardara en cansarse de besarnos.
Azolara nuestro tormento zambulléndonos en el dolor infinito

Fluctuara de un lado y del otro del dolor
proyectara una injusticia tras otra

Miles de masacres de nuestra especie
barbaridades de unos pobres estúpidos

enviara sus soldados en las cabezas seis ojivas
nunca -y esta habrá sido la última vez-
habían probado la eficacia de sus súper bombas
la tierra entera se transformo en el campo de batalla.

Una sola liquidaba veinte millones de vidas
y unas pocas alcanzaban para la destrucción total

Dolor, todo es dolor y agonía
clamor, de un sufrimiento masivo
estertores de una profundidad horrenda
sus esquirlas de odio acaban con todo.
Caen lúgubres,
por doquier.
Bajan del éter
cadáveres sin rostros.

La sangre, vertida al peregrinar
la tragedia constante y persistente
la demencia como dueña y señora
la locura insana de haber perdido la dirección.

Cayo lúgubre
extintos desde el ser
vienen del edén
las tropas por tu fe.

Una razón, para vivir, es impedir
que continúen con este plan.

Ver de frente esperando el frio del acero
que atraviese las defensas se inserte en la medula.
Comenzar el recorrido de la muerte y sentirlo
será la última emoción de nuestra existencia.
Track Name: Kvltyst - Zweifel
Mit dieser Unzulänglichkeit eines Beweises zu leben, dass etwas existiert, das größer ist als wir, macht meine Galle kochend und ich speie auf euren Gott.
Erkenne dich selbst durch Zweifel.
Zweifel durchdringt meinen Leib. Zweifel durchdringt meinen Geist.
Nicht fassen zu können - unbeschreiblich, unaussprechliches Gefühl.
Nie zu wissen, was ich bin, wer ich bin; nie wissen zu können: bin ich oder nicht?
Alles, alles vergeht.
Alles was du bist und warst vergeht im Zweifel und am Ende bist du selbst.



To live with that deficiency of a proof that something is existing which is greater than us makes my gall boiling and I spout on your god. Realise yourself through doubt. Misgiving saturates my animus, misgiving saturates my body.
To cannot conceive, indescribable, inexpressible feeling: never being able to know what I am, who I am. Never being able to know: am I or not?
Everything what you are and what you were decays in misgiving.
And in the end you are yourself.
Track Name: Искра Жизни - Театр абсурда
В театре абсурда все наоборот.
Здесь добро и зло поменялись местами
Голодный, озлобленный, нищий народ
Люди, которых дурачат веками.

Здесь гордость и ненависть правит умами.
Они ждут годами новой войны.
Они смотрят на мир пустыми глазами.
Они верят в то, что кому то нужны.

В королевстве абсурда ложь стала правдой
У них нет сомнений в речах короля.
Жизнь которая кажется адом.
И похоже, что здесь по другому нельзя

По приказу Они стреляют в людей.
По приказу они войдут в города.
Убийц по контракту никто не осудит
Это двадцать первого века орда.

Кровавой историей угнетенной племя
Снова готовится к новой войне
Проходят года меняется время
Но мира не будет на этой земле
Track Name: Puna Terrori - The Storm Of T34
In the open desolated fields, forests and mountain steppes
in the cold Northern breeze and baltic winds
in the autumn calm, in the dawning age of victory
people's iron hammer strikes like thunder against the invader foe
weapons of steel of proletarian victory
Mighty guns sound again and again, they howl like wolves in the night
Sounds of glory, of soviet victory, countless panzers destroyed lay burning
People's iron sickle cuts the neck of the fascist rat spilling the vile vermin's blood,
purging the Nazi disease with fiery wrath,

The rat escapes back to it's lair defeated...

Soon the full Soviet might storm the lair of the fascist bombing Berlin to rubble crushing all resistance
The sound of guns and cannon plays the victory hymn of the Red Army
The Red flag rises on top of the reichstag!
Weeping the führer shoots himself as his empire collapses!
Track Name: Dark Mass - Cursed Blood of The Fallen Kings
The sorrow of heritage
The growing of a bastard child
My bloodless fathers
Dark and cold
As the heart of winter

Judged for cultless behavior
My body is a sanctuary of life and death
My screams tell stories of our inner darkness
Inside our caskets
We bleed depression
Sadistic enjoyment of your self created pain

Nothing is more painful than mankind itself...